Environmental Science

Why did I build this site?

I built this website to simulate building a project in the real world. I built it for my Enviornmental science class so that students have a one stop shop to prep for the midterm and hopfully in the future for the final. This website gives awareness to our enviornment and hopefully will make a big impact in people's lives. I learned a lot in building this project and class that I plan to carry with me to the future.

Below I added additon links to website that people can go to learn more.

External links

Unit 1
National Geographic
Huffington Post

Unit 2
USA Today
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
King County

Unit 3
Healthy Life
Herculean Strength
Health Status

Unit 4
Scientific American
Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
My Gift to Climate Alarmists
Climate Change - every 172 years like clockwork
The Grand Solar Minimum

Unit 5
National Geographic
Seattle Public Utilities
Friendly Earth International
Tapped Trailer